Nissie Corporation

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Hitachi Metals Techno, Ltd. is one of the world's top manufacturers of chains who has facilities from production of primary materials to manufacturing of finished products. In 1910, Hitachi Metals Techno, Ltd. is the first Japanese company to manufacture malleable iron on a commercial basis, for our ground brand chain. Melleable Iron's outstanding mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion and wear assure long life for chains. Thus melleable iron chains with the ground brand have an exellent reputation with users worldwide. Hitachi Metals Yasugi Works has studied the quality of Japanese Swords and employed new techniques, backed with the results of the above study, to produce the material for Hitachi Steel Chains. The material thus developed excels in toughness and wear-resistance, with our outstanding heat-treatment technologies. Hitachi Metals Techno, has business partnership thoughout the world, with only top class distributors, whose commitment to excellence is common.

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