MGK Makonnen Ethiopia’s equipment rental is a pioneer and strongest in the field. Our product ranges from Masted forklifts to large Telescopic Handlers to meet your needs on capacity and reach. When you rent equipment you deserve uninterrupted, timely and good services and receive value for your money.

Why Rent from MGK?

Owning and operating a machine comes with rather high capital Investment, maintenance and operating cost. While MGK’s Industrial Machinery Sales Department can assist you in owning world renowned MANITOU forklifts as well as Telescopic Handlers. Our Machine Rental department is also there to assist you by filling the gap for those who would like to defer their machine purchase needs to a future time.

By renting your material handling equipment you will:-

  • Experience material handling at its best (The MANITOU EXPERIENCE) ,
  • Enjoy affordable rates,
  • Handling of your prized possessions with our experienced Operators
  • Efficient Services
  • Enjoy vast selection of machines according to your capacity or reach needs

MGK Makonnen Ethiopia PLC has an extensive range of forklifts, and rough terrain materials handling equipments available for rent. With MGK rentals you can maximize flexibility as your needs change. Give your company an instant cash injection by switching to MGK fleet rental and releasing the capital tied up in machinery. “Sometimes, it can make better business sense to rent than to buy.”

How do you know when to rent and when to buy?

The following questionnaire will help you to analyze your business needs:

  • Does the cost of a new machine fit within your budget?
  • Could your money be better spent elsewhere?
  • Do you find your business lacking in cash flow because all of your money is tied up in equipment?
  • Can you afford “downtime” on your equipment?
  • Do you know whether you will be doing the same jobs at this time next year?
  • Do you know whether you will need or be using the same type of equipment this time next year?
  • Do you ever find the need to use specialized forklift trucks?
  • Do you ever find the need for another machine to cover you for that short-term contract?

Think carefully about the answers to these questions and consider your options. Do not rush in and buy equipment without considering the short- and long-term advantages of renting over buying.

Rent to own program

Renting to own is one way to buy a machine. It gives a buyer the opportunity to try out a machine before committing to a purchase. From the buyer's point of view, renting to own has several benefits and a limited downside. And here at MGK we offer our customers the chance to asses a machine before deciding to buy it.

Whether you need the equipment for a day or a year contact consider MGK for your machine rental needs. MGK has been committed to providing quality service since the past 15 years. If you really like this experience you can also consider being a proud owner of MANITOU product by contacting our Industrial Sales Department.

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