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When you invest on any machine, the knowledge of having good service, wide range of quality parts is just as important as the price. If not more important, after all, it is the total cost during the machine's entire life that's interesting.

service service

MGK Makonnen Ethiopia has established its new head office and well equipped workshop in Akaki/Kaliti locality, providing you with technical services and supports for agricultural machinery, Merlo machinery and industrial Handlers and other range of agricultural, construction, and industrial equipments. Our experienced technicians are well trained by our respective suppliers and are equiped with the knowledge to keep your equipment running in an excellent operation conditions.

MGK also presents the ability to keep your equipment serviced and repaired on site by experienced field service technicians. These technicians can offer a full range of services from routine servicing through to major component replacements and overhauls.

We offer you:

  • Reduced machine downtime
  • Extended machine life
  • Maintain peak machine performance

“Our service team assures your machines' reliability”