MGK Makonnen Ethiopia plc



As sole dealer/distributor of various renowned machinery and equipment brands, we are duty-bound to keep stock of genuine spare parts for all of them. In this respect, we maintain a good stock of genuine spare parts to timely respond to customers’ needs.
Finding the Parts you need is Easy!

With an adequately stocked spare parts logistics center and massive storage capacity, we keep the full line of fast-moving parts in our inventory consistently.

Parts Availability that sets MGK apart:

Why Genuine parts?

The attractive prices of non genuine parts can tempt you to think you’ve made savings. In reality, the quality of parts against price ratio is less and in the end these parts are rarely up to the quality of the original specifications and quite often have to be replaced! Bringing your maintenance cost higher.
Buying the Genuine spare parts from us can save your money in the long run.


MGK Makonnen Ethiopia Private Limited Company was established in February 1992. Our company is one of the largest local dealers & distributors of Agricultural equipment, Construction equipment, Agricultural implements, Industrial machinery…

Contact info

Address: Akaki Kaliti, Addis Ababa
Phone: +251 114 342 853
Working Time: Mon-Fri: 8 AM – 5 PM